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Refund / Cancellation policy

All unlock codes and unlock confirmations are sent by email to the email address that the customer enters on the order form. Delivery times shown on the website are guidelines only, based on average delivery times for past orders. We will endeavour to beat these delivery times but sometimes delays do occur. In the event of a significant delay, there is no automatic right to cancellation, but if you contact us then we will see if our supplier is willing to cancel the order. In general, order cancellations are not permitted once a payment has been made. The reason for this is that our costs are incurred by submitting your phone's details to the relevant unlock code database. The service provision commences as soon as the payment is made, as it is a personalised service based on the details of your specific phone.

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Terms & Conditions

1.  No refund for wrong operator/model /country/imei/fmi-ON/blocked phones/Re-locked/Wrong Codes in case of blocked counters/Allready Unlocked.


2.  Orders once submitted cannot be cancelled. In case of delay need to wait till supplier cancels it.


3.   Once phone is unlocked, our job is done.  We are not responsible for any re-locks or blocking by Operator.


4.   In case of verification, when order is answered as Unlocked but not unlocked or code error.  Customer must mail in text format, no images to unlockmerchant@hotmail.com with complete fresh gsx report.


5.  No verification will be entertained after 3 days of order replied.


6.  We are not concerned with your activation sim, or phone. We rely on only Gsx reports.


7.  We reserve right to cancel any order, Change prices without any prior notice.


8.  We work on prepaid basis, don't bother to ask about post pay.


9.  No refund for credits purchased through online.

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